The Forbes 2018 Tax Guide

All is definitely not quiet on the tax front. The start of this year’s tax filing season has been marked by ever more sophisticated ID and refund theft schemes and Congress’ surprise retroactive re-authorization–in 2018–of certain individual tax breaks for 2017.  Meanwhile, taxpayers are  just beginning to wrestle with what the sweeping tax overhaul President Trump signed into law last December means for them personally. (Are the taxes currently being withheld from your paycheck too high or too low?

The advice in this guide is organized into three sections: filing your 2017 1040; planning for 2018 and beyond; and protecting yourself—-from both tax fraudsters and the Internal Revenue Service itself.  Bookmark this page and check back frequently. We’ll update this page regularly until April 17th (this year’s federal filing deadline) with the latest from our top notch team of journalists and tax pros, including Kelly Phillips Erb (a.k.a. Taxgirl),  Ashlea Ebeling, Tony Nitti, Robert Wood,  William Baldwin and Peter Reilly.

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