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5 Budgeting Techniques to Try in 2022

According to Beyond Finance: A brand new year is a chance to hit the reset button on your finances. If you are hoping to achieve new goals in 2022 these budgeting techniques can help. Before you Begin – Answer These Questions Before you try our new tips and techniques to transform your budgeting, it’s a...
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Flint Sprint: Collaborative initiative aims to improve quality of life for residents in 60 days

According to The Hub Flint: Flint Sprint involves a wide variety of projects that serve a diverse group of community organizations and their constituents. “Flint Sprint will have a great impact on the well-being of our community from improved customer service delivery to better access to health and wellness, more resources for small businesses and...
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Americans’ top five financial resolutions and how to make them stick

According to The Washington Post: Every year, you make a promise to yourself to get out of debt or finally build a decent emergency fund. Or maybe you’ve resolved to spend less or save more for retirement. You set a goal. Then life gets in the way and your financial resolution is derailed. You feel...
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How to achieve financial success in 2022

According to 11 Alive: Whether it’s travel, gifts or final medical bills, you may be feeling a financial pinch post holiday. But Dr. Cathy McCrary, a certified public accountant and assistant professor at Georgia Gwinnett College, said there are ways to get on track for the new year. “We want to be healthy physically, we...
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Simple career steps to take before becoming the next member of ‘The Great Resignation’

According to MLive: Dear Sam: I might be the next member of “The Great Resignation,” but before I make a move, I wondered if you could provide any advice on steps I should take to find the best position. I don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire, as the old saying...
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Racing to raise $50,000 for ‘Foodie Commons’ Project in Flint

According to The Flint Courier: Communities First, Inc. (CFI) is getting ready to transform a former flower shop and blighted lot into a dynamic, engaging community destination in Flint’s Grand Traverse Neighborhood. Focusing on food, music and fun, Foodie Commons @ the Flower Shop will offer a food truck park, event space complete with an...
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